Fall/Winter 2021

We are all about creating fun and meaningful jewelry with quality materials. If we have learned anything in the past year, it is to appreciate the simple things in life.

This season, we are finding meaning, pleasure and fun in the most simple things available to all people regardless of gender, economic class or race – the sky. We worked with stone cutters in Jaipur, India to hand carve moons, stars, clouds and bolts from the most beautiful natural gemstones, including green malachite, blue lapis, labradorite, pink opal and black onyx. 

We also added to our range of earrings. We have endless amounts of fun mixing and matching studs, huggie hoops, and chain stud earrings. Our happy face stud has a new buddy- the sad face. Much like the yin and yang symbol, the human experience requires all emotions to create balance - something that we all crave and work towards.

We also added a yin and yang signet ring, stud earrings and charm necklace to inspire us to flow with all things the universe hands us – the light and the darkness- to achieve a life of balance and ease.

As always, our earrings, charms and rings are all cast in sterling silver. Our gold pieces are cast in sterling silver and then plated with 18k gold - a process known as vermeil (pronounced ver-may). For jewelry to be considered vermeil, the gold must have a thickness of at least 2.5 microns of gold – most plated jewelry on the market does not meet this standard and does not use sterling silver.  The chains we use are sterling silver or gold filled.  

We hope you enjoy wearing our new collection as much as we enjoy making it.

-Kris and Kim Nations

To order our Fall Collection, please review styles by downloading our line sheet.
Then, place your order with Shantel@krisnations.com or use our online pre-order form for styles shipping in October and November.